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A Recipe for Green Thursday – Yogurt and Chive Mashed Cauliflower

Green and Glorious!

I read an article about Green Thursday in Saveur Magazine this month, Grundonnerstag, or Green Thursday, is celebrated in Germany on the Thursday before Easter. On this day Parishioners are typically given a branch to signify Lenten duties.Β Over time green has also signified spring and green holiday dishes grace the table. Of course I thought …

I’m not giving up food, I’m gaining a life

Cauliflower Salad

MYTH #1 Healthy eating means giving up all the delicious foods that you love. TRUTH - Someone once said to me, “I saw your travel snack post on Instagram and I thought ugh, is this the way I’m going to have to live?” Let me tell you a little story: A few months ago I …

Why You Need to Make This Chocolate Pudding Recipe Right Now!

chocolate avocado pudding

Remember chocolate pudding in the 80′s? The kind Mom used to make on the stove top, pour into cute little glass containers, and then place gently in the fridge to cool? No? Well, I’m old. Let me tell you how it “used” to be (growing up in my house at least) Mom, would boil some …

Nourishing Erica – A Return to the Kitchen

Nourishing Erica

I have always had a passion for food. Most likely it’s in my blood but also it is fueled by my creative interests and proficiency in math and science. My paternal grandmother was a fantastic cook and great baker. When my father developed Type 1 Diabetes as an adult, she manipulated her recipes by removing …

Strawberry Whopper: My New Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

A Whopper of a good smoothie!

Have you ever been in a smoothie rut? I have. For the past few weeks I have suffered from both a smoothie rut AND a touch of writers block, oh the horror!! Honestly, I’ve been a bit bluesy. Maybe it’s the desperate desire for some spring time action or maybe I am just blue. (insert …

Nourishing Erica – Don’t Call Me Killer!

Nourishing Erica

I have a memory from when I was a teenager; my sister was about 8 years old and without exaggeration, I weighed four times as much as her. We were horsing around and our mother came in to see what all the giggling was about. She immediately began to yell at me. While her words …

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