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Have you seen the new Abra?? (abrapappa.com that is!)


Hello my lovelies!! I have some exciting news, I am thrilled to share with you a new website dedicated to my private nutrition practice, check her out: www.abrapappa.com Nutritious America is not going anywhere, it will now be exclusively the home of my blog. for sharing recipes and stories, and all the positive reasons you …

Get Your Mushroom On!


Are you in love with fungi? Or in loathe? According to my extensive mushroom investigation most people are vehemently in one camp or the other, it’s quite rare to find a wishy washy mushroom lover (or hater for that matter.) Well, I am in love. Have always been. And I also must note that I …

Thai Carrot Soup and How Hot Food Can Save the Day!

Thai carrot soup

During the last cycle of #PSPfit, healthy curves nutrition boot camp, a member wrote to the group after a bad day: “I’m craving ‘bad’ food tonight and I just can’t help it. I had a terrible day and it is taking all of my will power to not eat fast food. Sorry ladies, but I …

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes (and how I spend my days before a holiday)

pumpkin pancakes

I wrote about Thanksgiving here and here, check those posts out if you are looking for some solid advice on how to attack the day, but this year what I’d actually like to share is how I spend the days BEFORE (and a few after) the holiday, because as it turns out.. this is just …

This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Split Pea Soup!

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There’s this little restaurant a few hours north of Los Angeles off of the 101 freeway called, “Pea Soup Anderson’s” which, obviously, is known for it’s pea soup. It’s been around for ages (1928 to be exact) and was the most welcome refuge while on a Cali jaunt a few years back with my healthy …

36 Hour Food Tour of Madrid

oops... another glass of sherry

You touch down in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and have exactly 36 hours to enjoy. What do you do? Eat. My friends, you eat. This is a nutrition blog, so you may expect to see a ton of pictures of spanish salads and veggies, or perhaps you are thinking, Ha, …

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