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Craving Sugar to Craving Kale, Is It Possible?

Chilled Spinach and Tarragon Soup

Youย crave what you eat. Truth. So when you find yourself slipping a bit and allowing more processed foods into your diet; grabbing that sweet after dinner, eating a sandwich for lunch (again), coffee and cookie for breakfast, etc…ย you will naturally want to keep eating thoseย foods over and over again. Sugar is the biggest culprit. The …

The Healthiest Take-Out! (That you Make at Home!)Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

Spaghetti Squash

I’ve just returned from a 2 week epic adventure through Spain (stay tuned for the vacation recap post!) The trip was truly blissful, from start to finish. When I landed back in the states I turned to Jordan and said, “I want Thai food, with lots of veggies”. Don’t get me wrong the food in …

My Healthy Travel Essentials (You May Be Surprised By What I Am NOT Packing)


Preparing for a trip involves more than throwing some clothes in a bag and jetting off.ย There are other things to consider, like, what will my body require when I am away from my normal food and health supportive routine, away from home? I have seen hundreds, maybe thousands, of photos all over the web showcasing …

Hello Lover! Have You Met the Kalette?


Some people stand in line at the Apple store for 200 hours awaiting the release of the newest i-Gadget, others will camp out for days to score the hottest rock concert tickets, I, on the other hand, will search high and low for a new vegetable then squeal with delight when it turns out to …

Have you seen the new Abra?? (abrapappa.com that is!)


Hello my lovelies!! I have some exciting news, I am thrilled to share with you a new website dedicated to my private nutrition practice, check her out: www.abrapappa.com Nutritious America is not going anywhere, it will now be exclusively the home of my blog. for sharing recipes and stories, and all the positive reasons you …

Get Your Mushroom On!


Are you in love with fungi? Or in loathe? According to my extensive mushroom investigation most people are vehemently in one camp or the other, it’s quite rare to find a wishy washy mushroom lover (or hater for that matter.) Well, I am in love. Have always been. And I also must note that I …

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