Success Stories

Eating healthy and keeping fit can be challenging. But the results can be substantial with Nutritious America on your team. Below are a handful of the many success stories our individual clients have enjoyed.

A healthier happy lifestyle

A healthier happy lifestyle
Nicole Ernsberger Staton

I am so very proud to say that I got to work with Abra on my weight loss journey. I have struggled with my weight since I was a child, and have tried many different diets, fads, and just plain hard work. Abra taught me that its all about what you put in your body, and she got me to listen. It was a wake up call that I had yet to find. She taught me a lot about whole, natural, and healthy food choices. I ate fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

I lost 70 pounds with Abra’s help, and honestly never in my life felt so good.

The best part of Abra is that she can tweak any recipe! I could call her and tell her I wanted ice cream and she would come up with a natural and healthy solution. It not only hit the spot, but tasted great. I can say whole-heartedly Abra is a very genuine person that truly cares about teaching and educating you about the power healthy foods can have on your body. I lost 70 pounds with Abra’s help, and honestly never in my life felt so good. I have found a friend in Abra as well. She truly cares and never judged me when I told her how hard it was for me. She lifted me up and understood my struggles.

I was told by multiple doctors I could never have children. I am now expecting my first child, a girl. While this baby was a surprise, I feel in my heart that it’s because I got healthy. I feel if I hadn’t met Abra maybe this blessing would of never happened… I look forward to working with her after the baby to get the baby weight off. I am so privileged to say I got the chance to work with Abra. I will always remember what she has given to me, a healthier happy lifestyle.
-- Nicole Ernsberger Staton Illinois
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I lost 34 pounds!

I lost 34 pounds!
Tara Henderson

“Karen is a lifesaver and a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She is a ray of sunshine and a positive influence to even the best of us ‘self-taught’ health guru’s. There is nothing she can’t answer and her practical lifestyle changes, information on supplementation for athletic performance, and in-depth personalized assessments worked for me.

During a three-month intense fitness program I had the opportunity to be under Karen’s guidance. With her support I lost 34lbs while maintaining my energy levels and keeping inflammation down in my body. In addition to that and even more important, I felt like a million bucks even though I was essentially tearing my body to shreds every day. This allowed me to keep pushing and challenging my body for change and to my surprise also helped me stable my mental focus and emotional well-being.

Her understanding of how the mind and body work in terms your specific goals (gain muscle, weight loss, athletic performance, etc.) is AMAZING and was critical to my success. I continue to use the nutritional and supplementation guidelines she’s provided and not only find it incredibly easy to keep the weight off, but I’m sleeping more, have bounds of energy, and am looking healthier than ever.

Karen was just what I needed and I finally understand and agree that “Nutrition is 90% of the battle!”

-- Tara Henderson San Diego, California
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Abra has changed my life!

Abra has changed my life!
Jen Amato

I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. I have tried just about every diet out there and I can honestly say that Abra has changed my life. I have lost a total of 60 pounds and have never felt better. Abra was there to support me though my entire journey. I learned how to eat properly and how to deal with my feelings about food. It was a hard journey but worth it. I get so many compliments on how good I look from family and friends. My self esteem and confidence has soared.

Thank you Abra!!

-- Jen Amato New Jersey
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I have more energy, my mind is clearer, and my jeans fit again!

I have more energy, my mind is clearer, and my jeans fit again!
Nicole Riley

After moving, I found myself exercising less and eating more (junk food) and, before I knew it, I had put on over 20 lbs. I had a severe issue with stress eating and found comfort in soda and pizza. The way I was living didn’t just cause me to gain weight, I also had less energy and relied on energy drinks to get through my day.

I hadn’t gotten to the point of “obese” but if I didn’t make some changes I was on the fast track there. Luckily, I found Nutritious America whose amazing nutritionists got me back on track! Not only did I lose 23 lbs, I’ve learned to turn to healthy options instead of a pizza-for-one after a bad day at work or when overwhelmed with life in general. They really listened to the core issues I was having with my eating habits and worked with me to correct them which is exactly what I needed. The information and support from the nutritionists was constant and I felt that I had a friend helping me through the experience.

It’s a tough task to break bad habits and having that kind of a support system makes a world of a difference. Now that I’ve made the changes I needed I have more energy, my mind is clearer, and my jeans fit again! The services that Nutritious America provides to its clients are invaluable!

-- Nicole Riley California
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..simplified eating challenges

“My favorite thing about you is your ENTHUSIASM about getting the message out to as many people as possible that healthy eating can seriously change your life. Not only for attaining personal goals to look better, but for actually living longer. I love the way you always simplified the eating challenges and substituted fun and delicious choices so that I would never feel deprived. Also, I know this has nothing to do with nutrition, but I can still hear you say “hold onto your abs” when we would do spinning together!!! Miss you”

-- Ellen Brown Hill Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I got my energy back!

I got my energy back!
Conty Chapa Villarreal

I worked with Karen over two years ago, and it changed my life. I did not only lose the extra pounds, but I got my energy back, and I learned that eating healthy can still be delicious and interesting. As long as the journey was, Karen was there to push and support me the whole time. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, she’s inspiring, and she’s charismatic. Now I’m healthier than I ever imagined. Thank you, Karen!”
Conty Chapa Villarreal , Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

-- Conty Chapa Villarreal Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
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I struggled for years to lose the last 10 pounds

I struggled for years to lose the last 10 pounds
Ashley Short

Being a vegetarian, I thought I was a healthy eater and I didn’t think there was anything more I could do to lose weight and be healthy. I struggled for years to lose the last 10 pounds and little did I know, the unbalanced nutrition I was getting from my diet was what was holding me back from losing those stubborn pounds. Working with Abra has opened my eyes up to practical and balanced (vegetarian) meal solutions as well as held me accountable to continue with healthy habits. She also helped me learn how to cook and live with a meat-eating boyfriend in a fun, enjoyable and creative way.

Abra’s down to earth ways along with her passion for optimizing human potential not only led me down a path to becoming healthy nutritionally, but helped me grow mentally and spiritually. Since I began working with Abra, I have lost 20 pounds, become physically stronger and been on a journey that has enabled me to learn to love and accept myself. My life has been so much fuller and I cannot thank her enough for the amazing support she has provided thus far and the work that she continues to do.

-- Ashley Short New York
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One of the best nutritionists I have ever met

One of the best nutritionists I have ever met
Tara Mickelburgh

Oftentimes it is difficult to find friends or family members who will be brutally honest. All it took was one comment, one honest smack in the face, punch in the roll that used to hang over the pants, comment of reality. “I’ve never seen you heavier”. That did it for me. Thank you for the honesty, now what the heck can I do about it?! I had come to my end. 5’4, 161 pounds, 31, overweight, and at the same time a marathoner, yoga practicing, healthy eating woman. It didn’t make sense. Maybe with the layer of clothes I didn’t look like I weighed that much, but I knew it, I felt it, and it was effecting almost every part of who I was. I relied on my 2pm coffee to get through the rest of the day, was dragging myself to yoga, out for a training run and falling into bed at night with every ounce of frustration that no matter what I did, the scale never changed. I was stuck, my body clearly thought that 161 was where I should be.

Then I talked to Abra and enrolled in the Healing Weight Loss program.

I have lost 18 1/2 pounds, dropped from a size 10 to a baggy size 6…

This is a lifestyle change, and what lifestyle change isn’t a challenge? I can though, tell you exactly what keeps me going every day. I am 31 days into the program, I have lost 18 1/2 pounds, dropped from a size 10 to a baggy size 6, feel fantastic and know that I have the support, encouragement, coping tools, and all the resources I need to stick with it. Abra Pappa has been that support system to me, I consider her one of the best nutritionists I have ever met. She is a wealth of knowledge and knows what it takes to live a healthy life. I see the scale every morning and can not get over the fact that it keeps going down, and down, and down. 1/2 pound, or 1 pound. A day. Seriously?!? YES. I still have days and weight to go, and have gotten to somewhat of an “auto pilot mode”, plugging through each day with more energy then I have had in years. I know I will get to my goal weight, and soon. I have no doubt. And that my friends, is enough for me to dig deeper then I ever have.

The journey is worth it. All so very worth it. You have it in you.

Health and happiness to you!

-- Tara Mickelburgh Colorado
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They won’t take away your latte!

Working with Nutritious America has been quite refreshing.  I was lucky enough to run into them at a networking event and learned about their philosophy prior to using their services.  Since many consumers don’t have the opportunity to do that-I want to share my experience with others in the hopes that everyone will see that Nutritious America is not your typical health consulting and nutrition firm.
I’ve always been under the impression that health coaches want to “sell you” something.  Either their own line of vitamins, or a line they get a commission off of, or they moonlight as personal trainers and want you to buy their work out packages.  N.A. is not like this at all.  In fact, they encourage you to seek the best product for you that fits into your lifestyle and budget.  They might make some suggestions that past clients or they themselves have used and found success with, but they do not endorse anything directly.  This meant a lot to me.  I felt I could take the advice at face value and not put my “sales pitch” glasses on.
On the day of my first consultation with Karen I ate a giant slice of a meatball calzone.  It was fatty, cheesy, and awesome.  As I was eating it I thought – “Great, I have to confess this to my health coach later.”  When I did, Karen said “That sounds delicious!  Everything is fine to eat in moderation.”  You read about this, but having an actual licensed person tell me this was a real relief.  After speaking for about 10 minutes and discussing some symptoms I’ve been having for a few years now she was able to make suggestions about possible food allergies and dietary changes that would help me to feel better.  I’ve been seeing an allergist for two years now and at no time has he been able to “diagnose” so specifically.  I’ve been acting on the suggestions she made for about two weeks now and am feeling really great.
Nutritious America really tries to teach realistic, fun eating habits.  They don’t want to take away your latte.  They want to help you find a way to enjoy those vices in moderation while maintaining a healthy balance.  For that philosophy, and for their help, I am grateful and highly recommend their services.”

Jessica McBride Seattle, WA
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Food is now a celebration!

Food is now a celebration!
Megan Bouchard

I have been a person who has struggled with my relationship with food for most of my life. Growing up in show business I was told at the delicate age of 13 that I needed to lose weight. After that I waged a full forced war with food and a down right addiction to exercise and deprivation. Never a peaceful moment unless the scale reflected my victories. Food began to lose it’s taste, it was the enemy and only there to test my willpower. When I would finally succumb to my starvation, binges would occur, leaving me riddled with self-hatred. I felt truly imprisoned by my disorder.

Food has become a joy, a celebration rather than a never ending battle.

It was not until I began working with Abra Pappa that everything began to change… Abra’s philosophy is not a quick and easy diet plan, but rather an investigation into our emotional relationship with food. It is a gentle, yet extremely powerful process where food becomes nurture and no longer the enemy. We took things from the inside out, which enabled me to really start to listen to my body’s needs. Abra educated me thoroughly about organic food, she provided fun, informative private cooking classes and I will never shop or eat the same because of that knowledge. Even the act of eating, which was once guilt ridden and mindless, is now about tasting every bit and celebrating the act of nurturing myself. Food has become a joy, a celebration rather than a never ending battle. It is, after all, the only art that nurtures. It is part of who we are and can draw us closer to ourselves and our communities.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my bad days too! However because of my time with Abra I have a foundation to come back to. I have wisdom in myself.

I recommend her to anyone who is interested in a life change. She will not give you the answers, but provide you the space to find them in yourself.

-- Megan Bouchard New York
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…living your best life!

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world for getting to work with Abra Pappa each week!

Abra possesses an incredible gift to meet you wherever you are in your journey yet push you beyond your comfort zone all in the name of living your best life.

Our sessions are filled with hilarious laughter, healing tears and I always leave the conversation feeling empowered to handle whatever this crazy life will throw my way!

-- Candice Hill California
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There is no “one size fits all” for an eating plan

In the past I have been skeptical of nutritionists. I always thought they were there to only sell me something that I really didn’t need. Karen was totally the opposite! She always says there is no “one size fits all” for an eating plan. So many of the trainers I would see for nutrition were of that mindset and it showed in my poor results. Seeing Karen changed everything!! I now am excited about eating foods I enjoy, but more importantly I’m eating foods I thought I NEVER would and I’m loving it.

-- Debbie O'Neil California
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The thinnest I have been since high school

The thinnest I have been since high school
Nikki G.

I have tried every fad diet, “real diet,” and exercise program out there. I have always lost a few pounds then gained back more. Then I met Abra and Karen of Nutritious America. I am now 45 lbs down and the thinnest I have been since high school! I feel amazing and frankly look even better. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the weight is gone forever.

-- Nikki G. New Jersey
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I felt really good and healthy

I’m only half way through the 3-week cleanse and have already lost 8 pounds! Before that I had been exercising and dieting for two months and had only lost 5. I’m not going to lie – the first three days were tough – lots of carb cravings! But after that I felt really good and healthy. And the weight loss has been a very happy bonus! I highly recommend it.

-- Samantha Childs California
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I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time

I feel the best I've felt in a long time
Leah Darby

I began working with Abra of Nutritious America because I wanted to focus on foods that could help anxiety and help me safely transition off of anti-depressants. I had come to a point in my life that I was feeling ready to get off of medication, but I wanted to be sure I was doing it safely, properly, and setting myself up to succeed.

…I am eating as both a source of nourishment and happy brain food.

I worked with Abra in conjunction with my doctor and am thrilled and happy to report that I have been medication free for 2 years. I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time.

I learned that there are specific foods that I should be eating every day to help me feel my best. Working with Abra has empowered me to look at the foods I am eating as both a source of nourishment and happy brain food.

Thank you Abra!

-- Leah Darby New York
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Seems easier to work into my life rather than feeling like my eating is controlling my life.

It’s interesting but doing this for 21 days seems to set a pattern more easily maintained afterwards. Not sure why but I feel committed to eating a consistently healthier diet than before. I think doing strictly for 21 days allow me to work out some options that I wouldn’t have considered before. Seems easier to work into my life rather than feeling like my eating is controlling my life.

Thanks for introducing me to the SP and thanks for your support.

-- Ron Harold North Carolina
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One day you wake up and you just feel better

In 2003 I received my last chemo. In 2005 my husband began his medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Although we were making healthy food choices, I knew we were not doing enough and needed guidance to change our eating habits. We met Abra in 2009 and began our six-month program towards that change. Although daunting at first, the pace of the sessions allowed us space to rethink our relationship with food. Today I do not worry about cancer because I’m doing my part to stay healthy. My husband has kept his weight down without “dieting” and the dosages of his medications have not increased. One day you wake up and you just feel better. Ah, the wonders of fresh, wholesome foods!

-- Marisol and Nelson New York
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Change is Good

Abra is awesome to work with. She makes you feel like a good friend instead of a client. I looked forward to our weekly sessions. It helped me make some good changes in my life from choosing healthier foods to eat to buying vitamins and supplements that built up my immune system.

Because of my busy schedule I was used to eating quick prepackaged or frozen foods, but after taking a cooking class with Abra, my fiancé and I have been making QUINOA! as part of our dinner. It’s easy to make and lasts a few days. One cup goes a long way. Abra made me feel good about myself and kept reinforcing that Change is Good.

I’ve experienced lots of positive changes in the past year and a half and I’m grateful to have met a great person like Abra to help through the tough times.

-- Denise Guzzardo New Jersey
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Seeing the scale go down was fun

Seeing the scale go down was fun
Rebecca Newfield

Last summer I decided to change my life. I had been overweight my whole life and after 30 years I was finally sick of it and ready to see how thin people live. I never felt like I had control of food and I certainly did not know how to cook ANYTHING. I subsisted on take out. I didn’t think about carbs, grains, proteins and vegetables. I had no awareness of what I was eating and how it was affecting me. I didn’t know how bad I felt until I started the process.

Through Abra’s guidance and my determination I lost 25 pounds. Seeing the scale go down was fun. Learning how to cook for myself and realizing what my body really wants to eat was the best part. Abra helped me understand cravings and how to find balance with food. Awareness was key for me. Once you know better, you can’t pretend you don’t. Also, once you are tuned into your body, it will speak to you about what it wants. Before Abra I thought I wanted Chinese food and burgers all the time. Now I will still eat those things sometimes, but my body also craves veggies constantly. If I have been eating really badly for a few days, all I want is kale! Hard to believe, I know.

Consistent exercise has been vital for me as well. This year I committed myself to exercise 3 times a week (at least). With the exception of a week or two I stuck to that promise. I logged many hours on the elliptical machine and in yoga. My body feels strong and I actually look forward to exercising. I am excited to push my body further and become even stronger.

My day to day life is different now. I bring my lunch to work every day and I cook dinner at home most nights. I have more energy and take much better care of myself. Working with Abra has helped my become more of my best self, inside and out.

Thank you Abra!

-- Rebecca Newfield New York
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