4 No Excuse Workouts

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by Brandi Koskie Add
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Cold outside? We don’t care.

Too late to go to the gym? We don’t care.

Have to watch the kids? We don’t care.

And neither should you! While all legitimate in their own right, those reasons you skip or miss a workout are still just excuses. They can, and should, be overcome.

Move past the excuses and in to a sweaty workout because you want to. Do it because you want to feel better overall, have more energy at work and at home, because you want to feel excited about the reflection in the mirror, and because you want to slide in to those dusty jeans on the last hanger in your closet.

We know it’s cold, we know it’s darker earlier, and we know you don’t have any more free time than you did yesterday. But we have the answer. Choose one, or some, of these no-excuse workouts and we promise you’ll think it’s worthwhile.


It’s another of those fitness buzz words, but it’s a buzz word with a lot of clout. From stress management to toning your core, there’s a lot more to yoga than humming and incense. Some studios are as low as $5 per session, and DVDs are a one-time fee that you can use over and over. Find a beginner DVD, like Element’s Intro to Yoga with Tamal Dodge. Or check out Kathryn Budig’s Big Book of Yoga, featured in our Ultimate Yoga Holiday Gift Guide. You’ll learn the principles of an at-home yoga practice that fits in to your budget, schedule, and will let you get the kids involved, too!


No joke, there’s a lot of calories to be burned in that kitchen. In our Pantry Workout Guide, turn soup cans, milk jugs, paper plates, and dish towels in to gym equipment. Standing next to your oven doesn’t accomplish much, but in the 15 minutes you have to kill while bake sale muffins rise, turn your milk jug in to a kettle bell for a strength training workout.


It’s the cheapest workout on the planet. You can get the entire family involved to solve that babysitting issue, or create some quality me time. Trade your Wednesday Wine Night with girlfriends for a Wednesday Walk Night; no, it’s not quite as dishy but together you’ll support one another in planning healthier activities. You just need a quality pair of shoes and plenty of layers. And don’t laugh, but your grandma is on to something with all those laps at the mall during the winter!


Every Saturday morning we encourage you to dedicate 15 to 20 minutes to a hard-hitting workout that will wake you up, give you energy for the weekend, and keep you on track with your fitness goals. We call it Saturday Morning Drills, and we make working out fresh and new. Sometimes we focus on the glutes, arms, or core, and other times we invite guest experts to show you hot to do a HIIT workout, a hotel workout, or use a medicine ball. The point is, keep your workouts interesting, and you’ll throw away the excuse that you’re bored.

Brandi Koskie
About Brandi Koskie, Guest Contributor

Brandi Koskie is the Managing Editor for DietsinReview.com and has a love for life that extends to living healthy. She enjoys finding new and interesting ways to infuse her cooking and recipes with flavor and nutrition and is always on the prowl for a tasty new treat that is at least somewhat guilt free.