A Year (+) in Review and Top 5 from 2012

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As 2012 comes to a close so does a chapter in the book of Nutritious America. Our very own Karen is branching out  into a new endeavor in Boston: Nutritious Yogi.

Karen will always remain a contributor and friend to Nutritious America, and as I take over the helm of this ship I am nostalgic and grateful for all of our adventures together.

I thought it would be the perfect time to take a quick trip down memory lane and highlight some of our favorite moments and triumphs from 2012 and maybe even a bit further back.

Who knew that high school friends from a small town in Pennsylvania would one day join forces to follow their dreams and help change the health of America…and beyond! We certainly didn’t.

karen and abra high school

Circa 19—none of your business

It’s been quite a journey.

From consulting work in Dubai:


We liked the international perks of our job

To “investigative food journalism” in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (we made a little video about this one: watch here)

Monday night football

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

and of course our cross country road trip: $500 dollars to eat healthy food from LA to Boston (spoiler alert: we made it!)

Road Trip Blog Series

Cross Country

Moab, Utah

Karen and I have worked with 100′s of clients around the globe spreading our message of healthy and happy. It has been a joy and honor to work with my best friend every day. I am so very excited for Karen and I know we will come back together soon for awesome events and antics.

As for 2012 it was a great year for Nutritious America and a crazy active year for our blog!

Here are my top 5 blog post picks for 2012…

The Skinny on Sam

#1 The Skinny on Sam

1. Back in January we introduced you to our client Sam. She bravely took us with her on a 16 week journey to happy healthy weight loss. Sam is funny and smart and so extraordinarily honest it takes your breath away.  All 16 posts in the series were a huge hit, but my favorite post of the series was in week 4: The Almost Last Supper

Nutritious America GoGo

#2 Road Trip Day #2

2. The Nutritious America “Healthy Across America” trip was also a favorite with our readers. The top pick from that series was the post from day 2. Most likely because it comes with a little video of someone (I’m not saying who…) gracefully plummeting to the ground: Road Trip Day 2. Utah.. Continued

peach cobbler 2

#3 Peach Cobbler

3. Recipes are always a key feature here on the blog, it is such a great passion of mine to explore and experiment in the kitchen and share with you all my masterpieces. There were 2 stand out big recipe hits from 2012 and they made it to slot 3 and 4 of the best of: First one: Individual Peach Cobbler.  Yup, this one was crazy good. It was even featured on the crazy for confection website Sugar Loco!

eggplant socca

#4 Socca

4. This summer I became slightly obsessed with the traditional french flatbread, Socca. It was another crowd favorite so had to make it to the best of list: Socca to me!

carved black radish

#5 In Praise of Ugly Food

5. And the final pick for best of 2012 comes from the series: “The Dirt on Farm Girl” The cutest farmer in town, Annalise Clausen, shared some behind the scenes know-how of farm life. This post was my favorite in the series: In Praise of Ugly Food.  I found it incredibly thought provoking. We are so accustomed as a culture to walk right past the tomato that isn’t shiny and perfect, or the apple that is a little bruised that farmers are forced to give away their “uglies.”  Read this post to learn more: In Praise of Ugly Food

Thanks for coming along for the ride this year. I can’t wait to reveal to you all of the treats I have in store for 2013… ohh it’s going to be a banner  year!

Happy New Year to all of you my dear, dear readers. May all of your deepest desires come true in the New Year,


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