Abra’s Holiday Food Rules Part 1 – Turkey Day

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Holiday Food Rules

Oh, the holidays are here! Tomorrow is the biggest food day of the year with a meal that usually brings with it a modest 5,000 calories. It’s only once a year right? Every year I spend the weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving working with my clients on holiday strategies. How to get through the holidays unscathed from the calories, stress, parties, and did I mention stress?

I grew up in a large family where holidays are a sacred time to connect with loved ones and of course eat. There is such joy in holiday food traditions, I want all of my clients to honor that joy.

Trouble arises when eating awareness diminishes and personal connection diminishes leaving only mindless eating… lots and lots of mindless eating.

So I’ll make this short and sweet myΒ iron clad rulesΒ for tomorrow;

  • Eat only delicious food. If it isn’t delicious, it’s not worth it.
  • Eat one green vegetable
  • Stay connected with family and friends, not just connected to food
  • Don’t eat the nonsense (both literally and figuratively)
  • Stay away from the frivolous food that doesn’t matter. Skip the chips, the pretzels, the mindless munchies that are only offered out of courtesy. Be courteous to yourself, don’t eat it.
  • Drink water, lot’s of it.

I wish you all a glorious gratitude filled day tomorrow.

Gobble, Gobble!

Abra Pappa
About Abra Pappa, Health and Wellness Expert

Abra is a wellness expert that has inspired thousands of people to reach their health and weight loss goals through whole, natural food and mindful lifestyle shifts. Her food philosophy is simple; keep it real, keep it simple, and it sure as heck better be delicious!

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    Your iron clad rules are fab!