Chia vs. Flax vs. Hemp. Which Seed is Better?

Nosh and Nourish (Video)

by Abra Pappa Add
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Ready for some VLOG action? (That’s a video blog)

My new series: Nosh and Nourish has officially been released!

Episode one tackles the great seed debate. Chia vs. Flax vs. Hemp which seeds should you consume and why? I am asked this question quite frequently, and for good reason. This health foodie world can get quite confusing and with a new “miracle” food on the market every week how do we know what we should be focusing on?

Chia, Flax, and Hemp seeds are wonderful additions to your diet, click play to find out why.

Have a question or topic you’d like me to tackle in Nosh and Nourish? leave a comment below.

Abra Pappa
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