The No Brainer Breakfast: Part I

"Breakfast Burritos For Brain Power"

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Breakfast Burritos for Brain Power

Ok, the time has come to talk about breakfast. The most important meal of the day? Well, I think so… here is why …

The food choices you make for breakfast set the tone for the rest of the day.

What you eat for breakfast actually says a whole lot about what you eat in general.

As Karen and I travel the country and world in pursuit of healthy/happy we love asking complete strangers the simple, but oh so profound, question: “What did YOU have for breakfast today?”

Sure we get some odd looks, but you would be surprised how many people are ready with an answer. And man, have we received some crazy town responses!

What you start your day with is the first message you are sending to your body and brain.
What did you say this morning? Was it:
Hey there awesome self. Are you ready for this? I found this super new product in the freezer section, its sausage on a stick wrapped in a pancake!! Woohoo… get ready for some lovin” (this actually exists in the freezer section, I can’t make this stuff up!

Or (and this one is all too common. Clients, you know who you are!)

So listen body… here’s the thing … um… I don’t really have tiiiiimmmmeee for breakfast … and … I realllllyyyy would rather sleep an extra 15 minutes…soooooo… you are kind of on your own here, catch up with ya at lunch.


Good morning beautiful, I know I am going to ask a lot of you today (insert extremely long list of body requirements for day) So to thank you ahead of time, we are going to start the day off right! Nutrients and minerals that delight the tasties but also give you the fuel and power you need.

I am really hoping that at least some of you share that last message, and if not, this is the month to start to turn around your morning habits.

We are dedicating the next few blog posts to our favorite question: “What’s for breakfast?” We hope some of these recipes will inspire you to rethink your morning routine.

Part 1 of The No-Brainer Breakfast series, Breakfast Burritos for Brain Power!

This one is for the savory breakfast lover. If you wake up and crave savory food like bacon and eggs then give this one a try. It is a hearty, filing breakfast, satisfying breakfast. Did you know that eggs are a great food for optimum brain function throughout the day?

Best part about this breakfast? It’s a make ahead miracle. I make a batch of these and pop them in the freezer. Then in the morning I grab one, heat it up, and enjoy. Sure that takes a little planning ahead, but guess what? Life takes planning ahead. The healthiest most successful people on the planet plan ahead (according to me anyway).

Breakfast Burritos for Brain Power

"No Brainer Breakfast Series", part I

  • Ready Time: 7 mins
  • Prep Time: 3 min
  • Cook Time: 4-5 min
Servings: 5 servings
Level: Easy


  • 5 whole grain tortillas
  • 4 large eggs
  • 4 large egg whites
  • 1/2 cup of red bell peppers
  • 1/2 cup of zucchini
  • 1/2 cup of cremini mushrooms
  • 1/2 cup of onions
  • 3 tablespoons of black beans
  • 3 tablespoons of feta cheese
  • 1/4 teaspoon of herbes de provence
  • 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil
  • salt and pepper
    to taste


  • cutting board
  • knife
  • large saute pan
  • small bowl
  • fork


  1. In a medium bowl whisk whole eggs and egg whites together, set aside.
  2. In a large pan over medium low heat, sauté bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions in olive oil. Cook for 3-5 minutes or until tender, season with herbs de provence, salt and pepper.
  3. Add black beans and eggs to pan with veggies. Gently move eggs around the pan with a spatula to cook evenly.
  4. Add feta cheese to mixture and cook just until eggs have come together, be cautious to not overcook the eggs. Set mixture aside.
  5. Lay a tortilla on a flat surface, Take 1/2 cup of egg/bean/veggie mixture and place in bottom 1/3rd of tortilla, roll tortilla away from you, fold in sides and roll completely up.
  6. Repeat with remaining tortillas.
  7. Store in an airtight container in fridge.

Recipe Notes

Be sure to read the ingredients on the tortillas, this can be a deceptive food that is filled with chemicals. I like 365 organic whole wheat from Whole Foods, or Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas. Once the breakfast burritos are done, you can eat right away, refrigerate or freeze them for later use. To reheat refrigerated wraps: Wrap in paper towel and microwave for 45 seconds (I know, I know... but I want you to eat breakfast!), pop into a toaster oven, or wrap in foil and bake in regular oven @350 for 5-10 minutes. To reheat frozen wraps: Wrap with tin foil and pop in the oven (350 degrees) for 25-30 minutes. Just pop it in before you jump in the shower and Voila! a hot delicious breakfast will be waiting for you.

Do you have a great breakfast idea? Leave us a note below and tell us all about it.

Abra Pappa
About Abra Pappa, Health and Wellness Expert

Abra is a wellness expert that has inspired thousands of people to reach their health and weight loss goals through whole, natural food and mindful lifestyle shifts. Her food philosophy is simple; keep it real, keep it simple, and it sure as heck better be delicious!

  • Miriam Oberhelman

    You got a definitely helpful blog I’ve been right here reading for about an hour. I’m a newbie and your accomplishment is quite a lot an inspiration for me.

  • Upen

    2.5 Week Followup:

    So i have some time on my phone and thought I’d give you guys a two week followup. I have been eating the Breakfast Burritos Monday to Friday, and just bought my second batch of ingredients to make them again today :) I will have to do it over the next few days lol, as I pro crastinated today :)

    Days 1 to 3, Week one:
    I wake up every morning and put one of these three Refridgerated burritos into my toaster oven. (a very handy $29 appliance. Especially for this). 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Excellent!

    Days 4 to 10, Week 2 and 3 (skipped a couple of days because was out of the house.)
    These are the previously frozen ones now, wrapped in foil.
    I have learnt that wrapping them in foil and freezing them in a Ziploc b is not ideal. The foil sticks to the burrito from being frozwn with it on, and also does not come out with ease after it comes out of the toaster oven.
    I am going to stick to cling film/Saran wrap, to hold them together, for this next batch.
    FYI, i place a frozen burrito in the fridge overnight to defrost, and cook it at the same settings without the foil and it fully cooks.
    I also have learned that if you plan to drive and eat them during your morning commute as I do, an awesome addition that keeps things from falling out, is a little ziploc sandwich bag, that you eat it out of, en route.

    All in all, I love these things. Cant wait to get to a place in the recipe where I add a few different things. :)
    I definitely recommend making them for a week at a time, and refridgerate 5 for the week every Sunday. Soo Worth it!

  • Upen

    Thank you Abra for this recipe.

    I am a guy, and my gf has been making a good point recently that McDonalds Egg Mcmuffin, even without the meat, is not the healthiest thing to eat for a wholesome breakfast, despite many a healthy living website saying it is the best thing on their menu.

    I made this recipe last night. I had been planning to make it for a couple of weeks now, and even had some Cremini mushrooms and Zuchinni go bad while I was procrastinating it :) , but, boy am I so glad I made it! (with fresh vegetables yesterday)

    It does take a bit of prep, but here is what I did.
    I laid out a platter and chopping board, and as I cut up the ingredients into cubes (Red bell peppers, Zuchinni, Oniones) and minced Cremini mushrooms – I laid them on the platter for prep.

    Using a few measuring cups, I also had ready my tablespoons of Black beans and Feta cheese before the cooking began.
    I picked up some Herbs De Provence from the spice aisle a few weeks ago too.

    I made this recipe with 10 whole wheat tortillas, keeping in mind to watch the Nutrition Facts on the tortillas before buying them. They were about small to mid size.

    Since I was doubling the recipe to make 10 breakfast burritos, I used 8 eggs, and a small carton of eggwhites – beaten very well with a whisk before cooking, and a fairly large saucepan for the actual cooking.

    I ate my first one this morning, after refridgerating it overnight, and boy was it AMAZINGLY tasty and nutritious. What struck me immediately was the sweet flavor of the Zuchinni (and Red Peppers?) bringing out the flavors of the Dish. The Feta Cheeze made it delectable, and it didn’t feel like I was eating an Egg white dish because of the balance of the eggs with the egg whites.
    The Black beans made it even more wholesome, and I truly felt all of the food groups were covered in this hearty dish.

    I can truly see my self eating this for life honestly, and plan to make them ahead every two weeks in the amount of 10, by taking a little bit of enjoyable time to prepare these ahead.

    I have some tips for anyone making these, which I used with regards to folding the burritos:
    - Initially I just laid a burrito down on a cutting board, and laid down the filling, rolling it up into a rolled shape.
    Of course, it didn’t hold, as a don’t have the Gyro rolling skills of a Gyro or Burrito chef, and also because my filling was generously scooped into my medium size tortilla.
    - I then took Saran Wrap (Glade Wrap/Kling Film), and cut them into squares about the diameter of each tortilla.
    Laying that out on the cutting board first, and then placing my flat tortilla on top, I rolled the tortilla and used the Saran wrap to hold the rolled burrito intact.
    - I then placed all my rolled burritos (except one for this morning ;) )
    in a Ziploc bag, and refrigerated them overnight, hoping that they would keep their shape on chilling.

    When I go home today, I am going to transfer the Saran wrapped Burritos into a Foil wrap for each day, and remove their Saran wrap.
    I plan to freeze all but the next three days of burritos (I’ll refrigerate these), wrapped in foil within a ziploc bag, and then remove these foil-wrapped ones in future mornings and place in the Toaster oven for 25-30 minutes on waking while I shower (as per your advise!). I’m not going to preheat the toaster oven, but am confident they will come out yummy :)

    I hope my couple of extra wrapping tips helps anyone reading this blog, and I am really greatful again to Abra to introducing me to this healthy alternative.
    You will be too when you taste these Amazing Burritos!

    Will return in a week or so to give you my feedback on the frozen foil burritos and let you know how they came out reheated! Even if they don’t rock (and I’m sure they will rock toasted!), II think this is a great recipe to refrigerate for 5 days every Sunday :)

    • Abra Pappa

      Wow, awesome. Thanks for the folding instructions I am sure all will benefit :-)

  • Toja

    Great Burrito recipe! I’m going to give it a try. Never thought to freeze a bunch and warm up when ready. Brilliant!