8 Essential Kitchen Tools to Help You Rock the Healthy World

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by Abra Pappa Add
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You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on gadgets and gidgets in the kitchen to chase the healthy. Now, don’t get me wrong I love a new kitchen toy as much as the next person, but if you are just starting out in this world and feel intimidated by too many tools, do not fret it doesn’t require a ton of money or a ton of fancy items to get you started. If you have these 8 kitchen tools you are set up to prepare just about anything. That is my kitchen prescription!

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  • A Good Knife like: Global G-48 – 7 inch, 18cm Santoku Hollow Ground Knife
    -The single most important tool in the kitchen is a good knife. If you invest money in any single tool this is the one. My favorite brand is global, this is what I have been using in my own kitchen for about 10 years. I take very good care of my babies (ahem, knives) sharpen them frequently and never ever put them in a dishwasher (well, I don’t have a dishwasher so this is easy for me)  A good knife will last a lifetime and cut down on your prep time dramatically… no pun intended.
  • Large Skillet – A cast iron skillet is my ideal recommendation. Try to find one at a yard sale or tag sale. Like women, cast iron gets better with age ;-)  Added bonus, cooking in cast iron fortifies your food with iron!  Be cautious though, you never want to scrub your cast iron pan with soap, a cast iron pan should be well seasoned.
  • Large Soup Pot – One large pot that you can boil grains, greens, or veggies and make soups, stews, and braises. Ideally I would recommend investing in a dutch oven. This can be used both on the stove top and in the oven. It’s versatile and also looks great in your kitchen. My beloved Le Creuset is always on my stove top and I use it nearly daily.
  • A Good Blender – Essential for smoothie magic, specifically green smoothies which are a vehicle to get tons of nutrients into your diet. Also great for blended soups, dressings, nut butters, and veggie purees. I personally use a vita-mix. It is expensive, but over the years I have wasted a ton of money on sub par blenders that work for about a year and then need replacing. My vita mix is strong and sturdy and can literally blend anything in moments. It is also unsurpassed in regards to providing the most silky smooth texture for blended soups.
  • Fine Mesh Sieve – Necessary to rinse your grains before you cook them, this will cost you a few bucks and you will use it daily.
  • Juicer – This may not be on everyones essential list but juicing is so extraordinarily health supportive that I recommend buying a juicer, putting it on your counter top and USING it!  (TIP: juice at the end of the week, it’s a great way to use up all the leftover fruits and veggies in your fridge. better to juice them than trash them.) I don’t have a very expensive juicer, it cost about 100 bucks and does the trick just fine for me. Juicers can range anywhere from 80-800 dollars, the difference is typically in the speed of the juicer (hard core juicers say if the speed is too intense the heat from the motor will kill some of the nutrients)  the way in which it extracts the juice (hydraulically pressed vs. shredded and extracted,) and of course what the actual machine is made of (plastic vs. chrome)
  • Steamer Basket – Super inexpensive, small enough to store in any size kitchen and the single most useful tool in the kitchen. My favorite go to lunch, steamed onion, sweet potato, and broccoli. Mmmm.
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