Get Your Mushroom On!

Just One a Day Will Do the Trick

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Are you in love with fungi? Or in loathe?

According to my extensive mushroom investigation most people are vehmemently in one camp or the other, it’s quite rare to find a wishy washy mushroom lover (or hater for that matter.)

Well I am in love. Have always been. And I also must note that I find it very hard to understand how one loathes something so tasty. I often wonder if the “loathers” have ever had a properly prepared mushroom? Firm and meaty, earthy undertones a slightly salty finish that leaves you begging for ย more?

Well if you are still on the fence let me give you some pretty compelling reasons to chomp down on some funghi fun.

Mushrooms have long been considered a medicinal food in eastern cultures, touted for their anti-inflammatory properties and range of micronutrients.


Mushrooms contain three important compounds that make them cancer fighting soldiers – Anitgen Binding Lectins, Aromatase Inhibitors, and Anti-Angiogenic Properties. Big words with really big fighting power.

Mushrooms contain ABL, Antigen Binding Lectins, proteins which bind to abnormal cancer cells and activate the bodies defense system against them. ABL also works to be sure that the body does not replicate abnormal cells hence preventing the spread of cancerous cells and tumors.

In relation toย breast cancerย mushrooms help the body reduce the level of estrogen and prevent estrogen from stimulating breast tissue through compounds called aromatase inhibitors. Estrogen plays an important role in the development of breast cancer, so mushrooms certainly have a protective effect.

Mushrooms are a preventative strategy to starve cancers while they are still harmless. As an added bonus, angiogenesis inhibitors also prevent fat growth. Eating mushrooms as part of a healthy diet also encourages a healthy weight.


This is the really important part: Some studies suggest that by eating just ONE mushroom per day, or 10 grams, a woman reduces her risk of breast cancer by a staggering 64%. One mushroom a day!


Mushrooms have even more fighting power when combined with other foods. Eat one mushroom per day plus one serving of green vegetables plus one cup of green teaย and you just reduced your risk of breast cancer by 89%. Wowser! Hello food as medicine.


Although old studies suggested that the common white button mushroom contained little nutrients, new studies say all mushrooms (even those grocery store white button guys) have anti-cancer properties. A mixture is best because each mushroom contains its own unique cocktail of benefits. White button, cremini, portobello, reishi, and maitake have the highest anti-aromatase activity, with shitake, chanterelle, and baby button bringing up the rear.


Mushrooms should always be consumed cooked.

When cooking mushrooms start with a very hot skillet, add a small amount of olive oil toss in the mushrooms and allow the mushrooms to sear and turn brown, this will take 3-4 minutes. Add garlic, fresh thyme, sea salt and black pepper for a delicious cancer fighting treat!

Or try these tasty treats:

Mushroom Barley Soup

Mushroom Creamy Quinoa

Quinoa with Balsamic Roasted Mushrooms (from Whole Foods Market)

Abra Pappa
About Abra Pappa, Health and Wellness Expert

Abra is a wellness expert that has inspired thousands of people to reach their health and weight loss goals through whole, natural food and mindful lifestyle shifts. Her food philosophy is simple; keep it real, keep it simple, and it sure as heck better be delicious!

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