Hey Mom! What’s for Brinner?

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by Brandi Koskie Add
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I eat breakfast every morning. It’s important, in case you hadn’t heard. What I don’t do every morning is prepare something amazing. Breakfast during the week falls in the five minutes or less category and is usually nothing more than scrambled eggs and toast, yogurt and granola, a smoothie, or a bowl of cold Cheerios. It gets the job done, but it’s not exciting.

Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday? Now we’re talking! That’s when I spend time making a proper morning meal. But sometimes, I just can’t wait until the weekend. That’s why I’m kind of in love with breakfast for dinner (or “Brinner” as my husband’s grandparents like to call it!).

I can hear the collective “yum” moan from here. Breakfast for dinner is universal. It’s like the smell of rain or your child’s smile – everyone likes it. If you want comfort food that’s good for you, then step in to the kitchen and reverse your internal clock. Entire diets have been based on the idea of eating your meals in a backward order. I don’t want you to go on a diet, I just want you to get some pancakes at supper time.

Just like dinner, you need a proper, balanced meal. Some lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. We want a lot of color, we want healthy fats, and we want satiating nutrition. You won’t find that in a Pop-Tart my friends. Here’s what you do:

Scramble Eggs. Now, it’s a weeknight and you’ve got a little more time than normal. Sautee a pile of veggies like mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach and make a scramble or go all the way with an omelet. Turkey sausage has all the wonderful sage or maple flavors of traditional pork sausage but with far less fat and calories, and it easily grounds in to breakfast burritos or casseroles.

Get Grains. You could take that scramble and roll it in a whole grain tortilla for a breakfast burrito. Add a little fresh salsa or avocado to satisfy a vegetable and a healthy fat need! You could whip up a pile of really tasty whole grain pancakes, like our Whole Grain Green Tea Pancakes. You could also stick to the basics and toast some whole grain bread.

Feel Fruity. Don’t complicate things – just serve the fruit. Slices of in-season Honeycrisp apples or pears are sweet and easily complement any meal. Or make a simple salad by chopping any fruit you have on hand (apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, and strawberries make a good combo) and toss it with honey and lime juice.

Veg Out. You could yawn your way through a bag of shredded potatoes, or you could wake up everyone’s senses with our Parmesan Sweet Potato Hashbrowns, available exclusively in our Baker’s Dozen e-Cookbook! Steam asparagus and top with lighter hollandaise sauce. Or stuff your eggs with all those veggies we mentioned before!

Have a Drink! We get away with drinking in the morning when it’s champagne or a bloody mary. Drinking a breakfast cocktail at 6pm during breakfast for dinner seems entirely appropriate, especially when it’s our Grapefruit and Lime Mimosa, or the Bloody Rosemary available in Baker’s Dozen!

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Brandi Koskie
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