How To Make A Perfect Kale Salad

Healthy Cooking 101

by Abra Pappa Add
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This is installment numero uno in my new series: Healthy Cooking 101

I (clearly) love to cook and I am very interested in creating recipes that are extraordinarily delicious and perhaps sometimes a bit advanced. BUT I understand that learning HOW to cook healthy can be an unlearning of sorts. When you don’t have butter, heavy salt, or cream of mushroom soup to rely on for flavor what do you cook?

There is nothing that chaps my tush more than when I hear people lamenting about trying to lose weight and feeling like all they have to eat is baked chicken and steamed veggies. WAHHAHAHAHHAHA! (that’s me crying!) There are a billion gorgeous foods and recipes to tantalize your taste buds and shrink you waist, I say ever so confidently, then I have to remind myself that I’ve been cooking since my little chubby fingers could turn on a stove. My favorite activity in Montessori preschool was cutting the banana for snack. I freakin loved that! I would serve the class my perfect little slices of perfectly ripe banana, ok, my memory may be a bit glorified, but point is I know my way around a kitchen.

Sometimes I may have a tendency to take some basic steps for granted, and I want to empower you to feel confident in your kitchen!

Let’s take this step by step, shall we?

Today we will tackle a super simple and essential Kale Salad (shh… quiet down, don’t get mad at me for starting with kale)

If you don’t feel like reading I have a video on this too.. you’ll find that below. I just got an email that this video was chosen as a favorite for Ehow Food in 2012. Thanks to all the kale lovers out there ;-)

Step 1: Buy Kale. There are many varities of kale in the market but I tend to like curly kale, or purple kale for a raw kale salad best

Step 2: Wash and dry kale

Step 3: Tear kale leaves from the stems (this is a step that kids love to do!) The stems are too tough for a raw kale salad.

Step 4: Break leaves into bite size pieces (or slice as in video) add to a large bowl (as for serving size, you will see that only a few leaves of kale yields quite a lot for one person.)

Step 5: The most important step: You want to soften the leaves of the raw kale, break down the cellular structure a bit so they are 1)tastier 2)easier to digest 3)tastier ;-0  You can do this in one of two ways either 1)sprinkle leaves with a bit of sea salt and massage salt into the leaves. Allow to sit for 5 minutes. You will notice that the leaves will darken in color and some moisture may accumulate on the bottom of the bowl. OR 2) Massage 1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil into kale leaves. Really work the oil in, this will work in much the same way the salt will. Allow to sit for a few minutes

Step 6: This is when you are going to get mad at me again, get creative. Ugh. I know. I totally suck. Think of the kale leaves like any other salad leaf and you can add just about anything to it. But because this is a 101 post I will give you some ideas:

  • Cucumber, tomato, green pepper, dry oregano, lemon juice and feta cheese
  • Avocado, sunflower seeds, tomato, balsamic vinegar
  • Apples, walnuts, goat cheese, white balsamic vinegar (or regular balsamic)
  • Tuna, white beans, celery, dry thyme (just a pinch) lemon juice

OR there are a ton more recipes here: Kale Obsession


Make a Kale salad this week and comment below.

Abra Pappa
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