How to Party Like a Rockstar (and still maintain your health goals)

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It is pretty much inevitable that you will find yourself at at least one holiday party this season. For many of you there will be many, many parties to attend.

So how do you get through a holiday party without overindulging, over drinking, or ending up with your tush on the copy machine in a Santa hat?

Well you may be on your own with the later, but I can certainly help you get through the other bits.

Simply follow my holiday party strategy, so you can show up to the party full of holiday cheer, and leave just as sparkly! (Without having to repent for food sins the next day.)

Before the Party

#1 Do not calorie save

“I have a party tonight so I’ll skip breakfast, eat an apple for lunch, and then be able to eat and drink till my hearts content at the party.”

Calorie saving does not work. There I said it. If you starve yourself all day in hopes that you will have a larger calorie bank to pull from come party time you will actually end up consuming up to 40% more. Ugh. No bueno. Instead of calorie saving eat a sensible but light breakfast andlunch. Consume a small handful of nuts before your party so you don’t arrive to the party ravenous with low blood sugar levels.

#2 Get in a good work out on party days

Commit to moving your body and get in a good vigorous workout on days of parties. Remember exercise is an aspect of right relationship with your body, it is not punishment. You require a lot of your body during the holidays so repay the favor by moving. When you set a tone of health and nourishment on days of parties (or any such activity that typically involves overindulging) you can carry that energy through all day long.

At the Party

#3 Back away from the food table

Do not plant yourself at the edge of the buffet table. Make yourself a plate and walk away. If your hip is glued to the table you will continue to eat way beyond what you require.

#4 Leave space on your plate for at least one indulgent food.

Enter the party with an attitude of abundance, there is nothing you “can’t” have there are just better options than others. Take stock, check out what food is being served at the party and choose one item that you think is a little naughty and leave room for it on your plate. Fill your plate otherwise with veggie/grain/lean protein options (or the best choices that are available.)

#5 Engage in connection, food is secondary

I get it, food is a big part of nearly every holiday celebration, but the spirit of the season resides in the connection with friends and family. Can you spend time at a party letting others know how they have impacted your life this year? Can you spread your attitude of gratitude? Engaging in conversation, laughter, and connection will make food secondary to the most valuable food we all have access to: Love.

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