I Used To Be Thinner Before Thanksgiving Dinner…

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Thanksgiving Dinner

My family was very worried when they saw me with my camera on Thanksgiving. My cousin said, “Please don’t put me in your ‘healthy don’t’ column!”

I promised I wouldn’t.

At my house we take Thanksgiving very seriously. Food is lovingly and painstakingly prepared. All of it made from scratch. There are no boxes opened no cellophane removed. We cook, well mostly my mom cooks… she is still the boss of the kitchen, we help, as much as she allows.

Here was our Thanksgiving. I am grateful, extraordinarily grateful for a family that is passionate about food.

Thanksgiving Meal

My foodie sister has declared that at the original Thanksgiving they most likely served fish. For the sake of authenticity, we now include some fish in our appetizers. A gorgeous smoked salmon dip with homemade rosemary crackers. (Yes, my mother actually makes her own crackers… I know it’s ridiculous)

Thanksgiving Meal

Our turkey is organic and free range. We tried a heritage bird a few years ago and it was not a success. Frankly, turkey is still not my favorite. The Brussels sprouts, on the other hand, are a family favorite.

Thanksgiving Meal

This is the view from our dining room. Perfect for Thanksgiving, don’t you think? The cranberry chutney on the table was originally a gift from a neighbor 25 years ago, we still make it every year. The top photo is my plate, I know.. I know… a little too much gravy ; -)

Thanksgiving Meal

And here we are… The Pappa women. (from left to right) My sister Erika, she is the foodie, you will all know her name some day soon, mark my words! My mom, she is the boss. Me (the boss in training). My sister Becky, she is the princess who helps out just enough to not get yelled at ; -) and my sister-in-law, Kris, she is the master of the pies, look at her gorgeous pies below.

Thanksgiving Meal

These were all baked by my sister in law with the exception of the bottom right. That is my foodie sister, Erika’s, scarlet tart. She said her inspiration was, “What would Hester Prynne bring to Thanksgiving dinner?” A scarlet tart of course… this was so ridiculously delicious. I will repost the recipe when she decides to blog about it.

Not pictured here, but needs to be mentioned:

  1. My mom makes a cranberry infusion every year to mix with champagne or sparkling water. Its delicious.
  2. There is also cranberry port sorbet to cleanse the palate between appetizers and the main event. I am certain that they did not serve homemade sorbet at the original thanksgiving.


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  • Abra Pappa

    Yes, Becky… that is fair. You did help out, but it’s better dish to say you didn’t ;-)
    And totally Erika, Rachel. She is awesome!

  • Becky

    I would like everyone to know I actually helped out a LOT this year. Wellโ€ฆ compared to other years :)

  • Rachel Mercuri

    Love the literary nod to Hawthorne. Very Erika : ) Gorgeous table and ladies. Jonah is cute, too.