It’s My Diet and I’ll Cry If I Want To (Week 10)

The Skinny on Sam

One Client's Journey with Nutritious America

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The Skinny on Sam

Here’s what happened this week: I cried. I cried during my phone nutrition appointment with Abra. Hot, angry at the world, frustrated tears. And over what? Ten pounds. Those bloody last ten pounds. (Bloody is such a good word- we really should steal it from the British.)

In the grand scheme of things, I know it really isn’t such a big deal. I have my family, friends, good health, and I am currently writing on a picnic blanket in the San Diego sun overlooking the Pacific Ocean with Henri. But sometimes it is easy to forget the big picture and instead become distracted by the ‘hate handles’ that prevent your jeans from buttoning or the fact that you can’t work out in your Lululemon shorts because of chub rub- still.

Sam's "Office"

My Office. Definitely something to cry about.

I was on week 10. Week 10 and I’d only lost 5 pounds. Now I had 6 more weeks until my reunion and 10 more pounds to loose to make my initial goal weight.

Now it was true- I hadn’t done everything perfectly. Especially during the past week, where going off an anti anxiety drug had caused me to turn to carbs a few times for comfort. (That carb addiction is strong.) But over the past 10 weeks I had drastically changed my eating habits, cut way down on alcohol consumption, and had exercised nearly every day- sometimes twice a day. I had even started an email group where we all encouraged each other and kept up with everyone’s progress. And still nothing! (Maybe it was time to cut off my left leg and be done with it- that would make me weigh less.) I didn’t feel at all like the superhero in my illustration. I wanted to cross my arms, stomp my feet, and scream, “No fair!” Instead I cried to Abra.

She actually gave me hope when I was feeling quite hopeless. For one, she made me feel better by telling me that lots of people cry. (So I was less pathetic- or at least pathetic with company.) Unfortunately, in today’s society weight loss is given a lot of value and people often judge their self-worth by it. (I need to work on this.) Also, she gave me a solution to start improving my results. This weekend, I am going to start a detoxifying cleanse, which should also help jumpstart weight loss and get me out of this annoying rut. I am really excited. (I just hope it’s not too much like the Juice Cleanse, which I tried to do in New York and didn’t last through one cucumber smoothie- words cannot describe how disgusting it was. Money drained out and the deliveries kept coming and I couldn’t touch the stuff. I kept the food cooling juice carrier bags though- those were pretty cool.)

Sam - stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This week I am also going to try and read the two books by Geneen Roth that I ordered from Amazon. (Writer friends, don’t hate me for not buying from a bookstore- I’m on a budget!) The first one is called “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating.” I heard her talk at the conference and she was so inspiring. After I finish the books I’ll do a post on that and let you know what I learned!

Anyway, wish me luck. And good luck to all of you who are trying to loose weight and live a healthier lifestyle!

Samantha Childs
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Samantha Childs is currently writing her thesis for her MFA in Nonfiction Writing at New York's Columbia University and posting about weight loss on her blog, "The Skinny on Sam", every Thursday on

  • Samantha Childs

    Opps. I always do that!

  • Anonymous

    Because your blog is focused on the issues of nutrition and health, and because you are working on an MFA in writing from Columbia, it must be pointed out that the correct term is “to lose weight” with one “s” and not “to loose weight.” The verb is “to lose”; the word “loose” means “not tight.” (This error is seen multiple times throughout your blog, so it does not appear to be a one-time mistake.)

    Otherwise, props to you on your brave and candid blog, and good luck with your endeavors towards good health and looking smokin’ hot at the upcoming reunion.

  • Jane Mertens

    There’s something about “loose weight” that feels better than “lose weight”!

  • Cypress

    Keep heading in the right direction, and don’t let yourself get discouraged! :)