Where’s Your Happy Place?

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by Karen Sherwood Add
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Castle island trees

Let’s just get right to it. Those of you who outlive me, please scatter my ashes at Castle island in South Boston!  I don’t know what it is about this place. Well actually i do.. it’s peaceful and beautiful and chock full of history! It’s the home of Pleasure Bay and Fort Independence, a national historic landmark built in the mid 1800′s. Surrounding this is the Harbor walk where you can find joggers, sailors, cyclists, and windsurfers enjoying their beautiful city.

When clients ask how to stay motivated for their workouts, my response is always, “Do something you love, in a place that you love because environment is big!”  Really big!  If you think gyms are boring and gloomy like I do, and you feel like you have to literally peel yourself away from your work desk to get a workout in, then for heaven’s sake that may not be your happy place!

Castle island water w rocks

Perfect view for a crisp, fall, jog!

Now adays there are so many options for working out, (yoga, zumba, trx classes, cross-fit, cardio bar, etc), that regular gyms are becoming quite frankly, zzzzzz. My perfect schedule (aside from yoga several times per week), is my fitness meet-up group twice per week (for a bit of strength training), and Castle island for a cardio workout every day! It’s my happy place!

Wilie standing by water

Needed: running shoes, bottle of water, and a furry companion if you have one. ;)

The jog is a little over 2 miles with a few stops in between for Willie. Sometimes we mix it up and do a few sprints followed by some stretching.  I’ve been guilty of going there twice a day if there’s that little emotional something I need to let go of and I always leave with such a sense of peace. And in the winter months,  I promise you’ll still find us here. Willie has yet to see the snow! I can’t wait!

Willie digging in sand

Willie loves to explore!

Castle island water

Where is your happy place? ~karen

Karen Sherwood
About Karen Sherwood, NC HHP RYT

Karen is a certified yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner specializing in weight loss & purification of the body, mind, and spirit using whole foods, yoga, a sprinkling of inspiration, and always some great music! Group and Private yoga classes are available at The Yoga Room, Charlestown, MA. Also check out her nutrition purification program that can be done ANYWHERE! Email karen@nutritiousamerica.com for info. South Boston location also available.